Poster preparation

Posters shall be prepared in English language and in portrait format. The maximal width is 96 cm and the maximal height is 138 cm. Material for mounting the posters will be available by the poster boards.

Poster sessions

An overview of the seven poster sessions is given below. All presenting authors have received information by e-mail about the session in which their poster has been placed, i.e. the time when they are expected to be present at their poster board. We kindly ask everyone to respect their session time.

Posters in Poster Sessions 1-4 will be on display Wednesday June 26th and Thursday June 27th.

These posters can be mounted any time after you have registered in the conference centre. They need to be taken down on Thursday June 27th no later than at 18.30, as the poster boards will be used for the next sessions.

Posters in Poster Sessions 5-7 will be on display Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th.

They can be mounted from 08.00 on Friday 28th and need to be taken down on Saturday June 29th no later than at 13.00.

Poster session 1 (Thursday June 27th, 12:00-12:30)


Cell and molecular biology/physiology/genetics I P1 01-20
Acute and chronic pancreatitis, experimental I P1 21-32
Pancreatic surgery I P1 33-53
Poster session 2 (Thursday June 27th, 12:30-13:00)


Pancreatic imaging P2 01-11
Acute pancreatitis, clinical I P2 12-33
Chronic pancreatitis, clinical I P2 34-52
Poster session 3 (Thursday June 27th, 13:00-13:30)


Pancreatic cancer, clinical I P3 01-29
Endocrine and cystic neoplasms I P3 30-41
Endoscopy I P3 42-53
Poster session 4 (Thursday June 27th, 13:30-14:00)


Pancreatic cancer, experimental I P4 01-25
Pancreatic pathology P4 26-34
Diabetes and exocrine/endocrine interactions P4 35-49
Poster session 5 (Friday June 28th, 12:00-12:30)


Cell and molecular biology/physiology/genetics II P5 01-20
Acute and chronic pancreatitis, experimental II P5 21-32
Pancreatic cancer, clinical II P5 33-69
Poster session 6 (Friday June 28th, 12:30-13:00)


Endocrine and cystic neoplasms II P6 01-12
Pancreatic surgery II P6 13-42
Chronic pancreatitis, clinical II P6 43-69
Poster session 7 (Friday June 28th, 13:00-13:30)


Acute pancreatitis, clinical II P7 01-23
Pancreatic cancer, experimental II P7 24-59
Endoscopy II P7 60-70